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Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Organizing your Goals in Time of Quarantine

One of the major differences in remote learning compared to our regular P.T. class set-up is that we are now giving you a course worth of goals at one time and asking that you organize them into daily and weekly goals for yourself, based on when you choose to finish by.

Seniors should be done by March 15th if they plan on participating in any commencement
ceremonies that may take place later this summer.  June 5th is the Last day of school so that
is a great goal date, but you have technically until July 1st to finish modified courses to get the
CR instead of the grade for this Odd time frame.  Come fall courses will return to normal expectations. 

So if you think of each line on the task sheet as 1 day worth of work you should know how long
it will take you to finish that class.  You will also know if you need to double or triple up on tasks in order
to get the course finished in the given time frame.

Some students have expressed a desire to have their goals displayed on a weekly or daily basis. 
I have included a few Templates that you can copy and use to set up your own goals for a week.
Each Template can be made yours by copying it to your google drive. You can then make the changes
you need and Copy and Paste right from your task sheet.   There is also an
instructional video link for how to use Google Keep as a goal sheet as well.

Also remember to mark off goals off of the task sheet as you go along, is a great way to communicate
with your teachers on what you have and have not done yet.

Please know that it does not matter to us how you organize yourself as long as you have a method to
do so. 

Google Docs Weekly Goal Sheet Template

Google Sheets Daily/Weekly Goal Template

How to Use Google Keep for Goal Setting

Wednesday, April 15, 2020

SAT's and ACT Testing

Due to the Corvid-19 outbreak the SAT and ACT's were postponed.  Please keep updated at the College boards website for more information the link is located below.


Friday, April 10, 2020

Individualized Remote Learning Plans for Pioneer Tech Students

We look forward to connecting with our PT families the week of April 13th to discuss the individualized remote learning plans for each student.   Please look for communication via phone call or email from your Home Room teacher with details.  We are developing a plan to offer virtual meeting times as well as daily check-ins with teachers, both Home Room and content area,  as we work together to complete coursework,  and for some of you,  graduate this spring!

If you have questions, concerns or are still in need of a district technology device,  please note the emails that are being sent out from Superintendent Dave Tebo on a weekly basis.  These important and helpful communications are sent via email to families with details about district resources to encourage and facilitate a successful transition to online learning.  You can always reach out as well for more assistance as needed.  #We Can Do This!

Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Just for Fun...Virtual Escape Room at the Smithsonian!

Test your wits at the Smithsonian.  Click on the link to get started!

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