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Monday, March 18, 2019

Notes from Ms. Zomer

Thursday, March 28th, represents the last day of the 3rd Module at Pioneer Tech.  It also signifies the last day of school before Spring Break.  Some things to remember: 
  • The goal is to have 9 courses completed for the school year by this date
  • There are only 4 Modules in the school year!
  • Sophomores and Juniors have testing the week after Spring Break;  Seniors have School!  
  • You can do the work.  Believe it.  Work towards it.  Commit to Making it Happen. 

Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Honors League Tourney Win

Illya Glover with a drive
Congrats to the Jaguars on their overtime win against the Watermark basketball team from Grand Haven!  In a game that was back and forth all night, the heart of the Jaguars showed in the 61-59 first round win on the evening of March 12th.  Congrats Guys!

Jacob Meshkin makes the pass
Scotty Duflo playing defense

Our Guys with 103.5 WAWL Radio guys
Pioneer Tech players for the 2019 basketball season are: Scott Duflo, Trey Emelander,  Illya Glover, and Jacob Meshkin.

Saturday, March 2, 2019

Staying the Course

We are 1/2 way through the 3rd Module of the 2018-19 school year.  This means,  that our goal is for you is to be completed with 1st semester courses and a solid % into your 2nd semester courses

If you find yourself near this goal,  good work!  If not,  please connect with your homeroom teacher,  Ms. Mast or Ms. Z to develop a plan to catch up.  We know you can do it,  but often you need to make positive changes to bring it about.
A Few Announcements for the next Two Weeks: 

--March 5-7 (Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday):  we will be spending some time during the 2nd Block to address the ACE's, resilience, and student responsibilities at PT;  the goal of these discussions is to offer information,  encouragement, and clarity.  On those 3 days, connect with your 2nd Block teacher during 1st or 4th block to get assignments and continue moving forward in coursework. 

--PT Juniors:  The SAT testing period is coming up the week after Spring Break.  It is a State-wide testing period that you participate in as you prepare for life after high school.  In preparing you for these tests,  we are asking you to spend time on preparation with Miss Mast on a weekly basis.  Details and the plan will be communicated over the course of the first full week of March.

--Friday, March 8:  We are spending 2nd Block to complete your Art projects for the 2018-19 school year. Be sure to bring supplies and your project to work on that day! 

--PT Seniors:  Caps and Gowns are in on Tuesday, March 12th!  The Jostens representatives will be at Hamilton High School during lunch on Tuesday, March 12th during lunch to deliver your graduation products. Your balance must be paid in full. FYI:  No checks can be accepted on the day of delivery, cash or money order only.

--Digital Portfolio WorkTime:  We want you to encourage you to work on your digital portfolio.  This remains a component of graduation for PT Seniors,  so know that your 4th block of the day CAN be used to work on the D.P.  In April,  we will spend more time on developing a resume if you haven't and potentially attending a couple field trips;  please keep this work in mind,  and continue to build your pages. 

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